Monday, November 1, 2010

FHE Election EVE


November 4, 2008 History was made. America in my opinion will never be the same. The one thing I know for certain is that if we are prepared we shall not fear. Less than a month ago this was confirmed by our loving Prophet Thomas S. Monson. I believe change is inevitable and that we will all experience hard times and trials but I also know that we can Find Joy in the Journey. If we do the simple things we have been asked to do then we can and will make it through to the end. Family Home Evening is one of those things. So a few months ago when I was in the Dr. Office I was reading in LDS Living about an idea for a family night. You teach your kids about voting and election, democracy and freedom and then you hold a family vote on dinner for election night. So we did it. The kids had a lot of fun and to our atonishment Jake new a lot about the elections. He knew who was running, and even what some of there agendas were. Dan and I were shocked. Zeak had a very strong dislike for Obamha and was hoping McCain would be the president. His main concern was that his guns were going to be taken away. After our discussion we voted on what tues. nights meal would be. Zeak lost and he was very upset. We tried to explain that this very thing could and would probably happen tomorrow night. He was very upset. Tuesday night didn't go as planned Dan and I ended up going up north to his Uncle Wayne's viewing. So the kids went to Tina's house. About 9:30 she txt us to tell us our son was in tears and very upset. They had just announced Obahma would be our new president. We hurried home and he had calmed down but the adults had not. This will definitely be remembered as an emotional election for everyone.

And the dinner election results were 1 Macaroni and Cheese 2 chicken pot pie 2 deer steaks (Zeak) Dan let Jake call the coin toss since he was the only Mac & Cheese vote. He called heads for Chicken Pot Pie. Needless to say Zeak was upset once again, wed night when chicken pot pie was served.

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