Sunday, April 18, 2010

May 1st Super Saturday

Our Super Saturday is scheduled for May 1st we are so excited. We are doing a Welcome sign the cost is $20.00 this includes 4 holidays cutouts if you want all of the holiday cutouts the price is $38.00.
Bring your own glass casserole dishes and etche your name the cost is $1.50 there are 5 fonts to choose from.
Bath salts that smell so yummy! $1.50 for a pint jar
Picture frame $6.00 without the vinyl and $8.00 if you want the vinyl saying.
If you just want to make the flowers on the frame for hair bows or pendants bring your own buttons and fabric ( an old shirt works great) we will teach you how.

If you don't want to craft with us but need a Time Out we will play the Time Out for Women video and you can come have lunch and visit. Bring a potluck to go with the sandwiches.
It should be a fun day for all.

If you have questions about the crafts and want to sign up call Lisa Woodland 623-4946.

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