Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome to our Ward Blog

Welcome to The new Mona 1st Ward Blog. This is something new we hope you find a valuable resource. Please feel free to leave comments and interact on this blog.

New For Changes for Relief Society

There are some changes for the new year in Relief Society. Sometimes change is hard and overwhelming yet necessary for our eternal progression. To help aid our sisters in these changes we thought we would Spotlight them. More Details Can be found in the Ensign pg. 33.

President Jill Kay 623-0912

Jill is over Visiting Teaching if you have questions or concerns please call her.

1st Counselor RaNae Christensen 623-2093

RaNae is over the Teachers (lessons) and the music.

2nd Counselor Shawna Keyte 623-5072

Shawna is over the Relief Society Meetings (Old Enrichment Nights) if you have any ideas and suggestions we would love to know what would help you sisters.

Secretary Missy Marble 623-2999

Missy is over announcements if you need something announced please call her.

New Lesson Manuals this is the 2nd, 3rd, 4th Sundays of the Month

Since 1998 the lesson manual for the second and third Sundays in Relief Society has been Teachings of Presidents of the Church. In 2010-2011 these classes will study the newly revised Gospel Principles manual. In 2012 the study of teachings of latter-day prophets will resume in these classes.

Why the change? Since the Church began using the Teachings of the Presidents of the Church books, millions of new members have joined the Church. Many of them have limited experience in the Church and will benefit greatly by learning about the fundamental principles and doctrines of the gospel from the Gospel Principles manual. Experienced Church members will also benefit from a study of the basics for two years. Members can use the book as a personal study guide and can also use the manual to teach their children these doctrines in the home.

Relief Society Meetings (Home Family Personal Enrichment Nights)

These Meeting will revert back to a once a month meeting. Some will be large with a full meal and program others will be smaller with a light meal and lesson. The focus is still in (1) Increase faith and personal righteousness, (2) strengthen families and homes, and (3) seek out and help those in need. For January we are focusing on Health and Fitness if you have any home remedies, health tips and advice bring them.


Check out our new blog this will have information on Meetings, FHE lessons, Ideas, information and help.

Sunday School we will be studying the Old Testament

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